Wills & Estates

Careful consideration of how you want to deal with your estate can never happen to soon, and unfortunately it happens too often that it is not thought of at all or not prepared as thoroughly as it should be to carry out your intentions.

A will is a key feature to estate planning and informs an executor on how to deal with your estate once you have passed away. Leaving behind no will or a poorly drafted will can lead to serious consequences such as expensive litigation or creating divides in a family. Having an experienced lawyer assist you with this process can ensure that any risks are minimized and that any important considerations are properly addressed.

Proper estate planning is not just about what happens after you die, it also deals with important considerations for when you are alive. For example, it may deal with concerns such as what is to happen if you become unable to make decisions for yourself due to injury, illness, or disability. Our office can assist you by drawing attention to important details and considerations, and to help draft your estate plan to make sure it properly reflects your intentions and desires.

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